Modes of Criticism

Ian writes for Modes of Criticism.

I’ve been a regular contributor to the journal Modes of Criticism since its inception in 2015.

Essays have appeared in print and on the journal website.

Modes of Criticism is a design criticism journal based in Porto, Portugal. It was created in the context of Francisco Laranjo’s research at the London College of Communication, which sought to develop design methods for a critical practice with attention to the emergence of recent terminologies such as critical design, design fiction, and speculative design within graphic design.

Modes of Criticism addresses a gap in design discourse in relation to these terms, their history, methods, and criticism. It examines what is meant by ‘criticality’ in design, and works towards the politicization of its discourse and practice—challenging dominant ways of seeing, thinking about, and practicing design—and promoting intersections with multiple disciplines.

Since 2017, Modes of Criticism is published and distributed worldwide by Onomatopee.