Space Is The Place Supplement

The Space Is The Place Supplement is a 48-page booklet of writing that functions as the written addenda to to the exhibition Space Is The Place at Land Gallery in Portland, Oregon in October 2011.

My graphic design practice consists of three constituent parts: designing, teaching and writing. The exhibition covers the graphic design work element, but the other two
elements are not really represented, hence the compilation of recent essays for assorted books and magazines here. A handful are published here in English for the first time.

Included are essays on the late Japanese designer Kiyoshi Awazu, Japanese Modernism, architect Paolo Soleri and his Arcosanti project, designers Experimental Jetset, designer/artist Yuri Suzuki and the cultural imbalance of notions of authenticity and quality. Each essay is peppered with footnotes and personal asides.

Interspersed throughout in separate boxes are some of my favorite assignments from my syllabi at Temple University Japan where I teach graphic design and typography-related courses.

The booklet was printed in an edition of 1,000 using a split-fountain technique, creating gradated printing throughout. 500 were printed with fluorescent green cover stock and 500 with fluorescent yellow cover stock. The selection of colors used for printing were selected by Charles at Eberhardt Press in Portland. Chance processes have at times played a large part of my way of working, and by asking a seasoned printer to handle the split fountain with no expectations resulted in a surprising and polished result. The covers were printed using dual metallic Pantones and the interiors a blend of lemon yellow, hot pink, magenta, cyan, Rubine Red, violet, Rhodamine Red, and green. As the nature of split fountain printing causes a gradual shift in color blending, each booklet has a material quality which is unique.