Our new retail shop!

Sailosaibin is a unique select shop that carries a range of imported and original apparel, distinctive accessories, idiosyncratic objet, and new and old design-related books.

Sailosaibin is tucked away on Kannon Street, a 3-minute walk away from Sasazuka Station on the western side of Tokyo.

It’s a minuscule space situated next to an old Tamagawa waterway beside the shop.

The scenery here is nostalgic and peaceful, nearly hidden next to bustling Sasazuka. The neighborhood park adjacent is full of sedentary housecats and ducks hanging out in the lily-festooned stream.

It’s a space for us to indulge our loves — fashion for Yuki and books for Ian.

We carry a range of clothing that we have designed, as well as from The Netherlands’ B.O.R.N, Oakland, California’s Mike Scaringe, the Ouzuri line of Zori, and distinct accessories by NYC’s USBY.US.

We stock a selection of publications from Wordshape and Tetsunori Tawaraya, as well as a selection of new, used, and antiquarian books.

We invite you to stop by — Sasazuka has a lot to offer.

Some of Tokyo’s coziest little businesses are here, including amazing food, bars, and cafes.

We designed the total identity for the shop, working with some of the best printers and manufacturers to ensure that it represents our vision.

All of our print collateral is printed using custom stocks, prismatic and white foils, and detailed Japanese/English typography.

You can view the Sailosaibin website here:

The name is a re-Latinizing of certain psychoactive compounds found in certain organic matter to adhere to Hepburn pronunciation in Japan and refers to how Ian answered Yuki’s question “How might who I am inform the name of this new venture?”. Despite never having eaten said forms of matter, Yuki’s worldview embodies the results, and Sailosaibin reflects and refracts that.

We designed the total brand identity for the shop, including bilingual copywriting, visual identity, typography, color and pattern palettes, web presence, and printed/manufactured ephemera spanning business cards, shop cards, postcards, three kinds of custom hangers, tags, labels, two kinds of stickers, the interior design, multiple forms of signage, and a whole lot more.

We have designed an array of apparel that is being sold at the store, including shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, pins, badges, and socks.

If you find yourself in Tokyo, come visit us.

All photography by Steve White II.

A sampling of our original apparel: