Writing for Japan's first design blog

Way back in 2005, I began writing for PingMag, Japan’s very first design blog. PingMag was created at the web production company IMG SRC, and the founding editor-in-chief was Uleshka Asher.

As a recent transplant to Tokyo, I was very excited to be able to contribute to what quickly became the dominant design blog in Asia and to be able to participate in design discourse in Japan in a meaningful way.

I wrote articles on the work of type designer Akira Kobayashi, designer Jens Gehlhaar, Nagoya musicians Lullatone, photographer Patrick Tsai, design studio PMKFA, a series on Los Angeles graffiti, and heaps of other pieces — nearly 100 in total.

PingMag was sold to a real estate company and the project was shelved, then revived in redesigned form after a five year hiatus, then shut down, most likely for good. However, you can still find archives here.