Parallel Strokes

2008 book on the cross-section of type design, graffiti, lettering, and sign painting.

Parallel Strokes is a collection of interviews with twenty-plus contemporary typeface designers, graffiti writers, and lettering artists around the world that was published in 2008.

The book is introduced with a comprehensive essay charting the history of graffiti, its relation to type design, and how the two practices relate in the wider context of lettering.

Interviews within include conversations with pan-European type design collecitve Underware, Japanese type designer Akira Kobayashi, American graffiti writer and fine artist Barry McGee/Twist, German graffiti writers Daim and Seak, American lettering artist, graphic designer and design eductor Ed Fella, among others.

Parallel Strokes is an inquiry into the history, context, and development of lettering today, both culturally approved and illicit.

While out of print, you can check out the website for the book here still:

The book was an extended version of my MFA thesis at CalArts that I completed in 2004.

This is the promotional poster for the book that featured every page of the book in thumbnail format.

The type foundry Underware was gracious enough to supply the lettering for the title—a beta version of what would become their typeface family Liza.