Corporate identity for collaborative software corporation

We created a comprehensive corporate identity rebrand for the collaborative software corporation Ovice.

The identity incorporates logo design, color palettes, spacing, and typographic standards.

We created a comprehensive trilingual identity manual that highlights the brand identity in English, Japanese and Korean.

We put together a soothing color palette to help differentiate Ovice from other corporations working in the same sector.

We also created a proportional color guide to help the design team at Ovice apply their branding across screen and print applications.

Ovice uses a custom version of our typeface family Cern alongside complementary Japanese and Korean typeface families.

The standard manual includes guides to typographic hierarchy and application.

The manual also includes how type and color should be applied.

We also created a unique suite of illustrations.

We also created illustration guidelines for Ovice’s design team to be able to create new illustration work on the fly.

We created a library of custom icons for Ovice, as well.

You can see the entire system on the Ovice website.

It was a blast to work with the amazing team at Ovice on this project.