Ipsum Alii

Corporate identity for a new Swiss skincare brand

We designed the brand identity for Ipsum Alii, a Swiss skincare brand with its roots in Japan.

Ipsum Alii’s DNA is in kampo.

Kampo is a unique, traditional Japanese herbal medicine system.

It has been the backbone of Japanese medicine for more than 1500 years.

The preventive and therapeutic effects of Kampo medicines are associated with their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

We created Ipsum Alii’s logo, color palettes, and typographic palettes for use in print, on screen, and on product.

We also worked on copywriting and brand direction for the Zurich-based brand.

At its base, kampo consists of a system of three essences; ki, ketsu, and sui.

Ki is energy fundamental to living things. Ketsu and sui represent the concepts of blood and bodily fluids.

According to the philosophies surrounding kampo, blocked circulation or an unbalanced condition can lead to illness.

A healthy state of the human condition – and beautiful skin – is the result of free, unrestrained circulation of ki, ketsu, and sui.

The Ipsum Alii identity reflects these core beliefs.

You can find Ipsum Alii online here: https://www.ipsum-alii.com/