Doko Demo Design Deluxe

Our new Japanese/English dictionary for designers and artists!

We are very excited to announce Doko Demo Design Deluxe, the latest book from Wordshape.

DDDD is a 200-page Japanese/English dictionary and phrasebook for graphic designers, artists, photographers and culture enthusiasts.

Offset printed in 3 colors, DDDD is a softcover perfect-bound A5-size book filled with the terminology needed for assorted cultural practices. It includes diagrams of both Japanese and Latin type face anatomy, and is chock-full of playful illustrations for each section.

Terms are grouped under general themes and topics including Shapes & Forms, Design Terms, Color, Design & Empire, Studying Culture, Design & Disaster, Propaganda, History & Geography, Nostalgia, Typography, Design Movements, The Modern, Digital Design, Photography, The “Feminine”, Painting, and Economics & Finance.

Features a lively intro by Ian, who co-designed DDDD along with Nicole Ann Yotsue Kimura. DDDD was edited by Ian, Nicole, Yuki Kameguchi, Iori Kikuchi and Ayumi Watanabe.

DDDD is the result of years of in-class research at Temple University Japan where over 100 students participated in putting together this book (and then the editorial team spent over a year fixing everyone’s homework).

Fluorescent green and neon yellow covers, fluorescent green inside covers, and black & white interior pages. DDDD is the much-expanded follow-up to our bestselling out of print phrasebook zine Doko Demo Design.

Doko Demo Design Deluxe features hundreds of more terms, corrected terms, increased readability, and will stand as a design reference you’ll return to again and again!