Unrealized Archive 4: Lost Olympics

In honor of the Tokyo 2020/21 Olympics, which are currently underway, Bay Area design educators Chris Hamamoto and Jon Sueda have curated the next iteration of the Unrealized Archive series – Unrealized Archive 4: Lost Olympics – a storefront window exhibition at IF/THEN Studio in Berkeley and an accompanying publication to come. The exhibition will be on view for the duration of the Olympic Games Jul 23 – Sun, Aug 8, 2021 and is viewable from the street.

Unrealized Archive 4: Lost Olympics
Jul 23, 2021 – Sun, Aug 8, 2021

Featuring works by: Betsy Bickle, Cyan, Daniel Eatock, Experimental Jetset, Ian Lynam, and Chris Ro

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics was postponed one year ago and is one of the most high-profile global events affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. On the occasion of the rescheduled games of the XXXII Olympiad set to open on July 23rd, the Unrealized Archive will focus on the unrealized Olympic design of the 20th and 21st centuries. Embodied as a storefront window exhibition and accompanying publication, UA4 will explore unrealized Olympics emblems from host cities not selected, Olympic design discourse, and speculative design for the Olympics. A transnational sporting event, the Olympics is a proxy for establishing countries on a world stage, confirming their status in the commercial world order via architecture, urban planning, and the construction of visual identity. Under the jurisdiction of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), a non-governmental sports organization based in Switzerland, countries compete for the right to host the games and navigate global politics for the right to visual representation within them. In UA4 the curators collected graphic artifacts that are the outcome of this tenuous process, symbiotic commercial endeavors, and fictitious responses to the Olympic games.

Unrealized Archive 4: Lost Olympics
IF/THEN Studio
1102 Gilman St.
Berkeley, CA, 94706