Slanted #17

Slanted Magazine Ian Lynam

I wrote three essays for Slanted #17– all in all, 15,000 words.

I wrote an essay about the twin evolution of Manga and Graphic Design, folding in a bit of personal history and a whole lot of analysis of Manga’s influence on PostModern design (even PostModern design masquerading as Modern design).

I wrote an essay about one of my favorite designers and people, Micke Thorsby. The bulk of it was written in Cuba, on a beach, rum in hand.

I wrote another essay about one of my other favorite designers, Akiyama Shin and his marriage of fine art and design practices, as well as his importance in the contemporary context in Japan.

The three essays wove in and out of a lot of different territory: cats, roommates, sex, The Swedish Chef, pagan rituals, teenage drug use, tentative friendships, politics and sallow people from Minnesota.