My Alphabet

Originally published by my old small publishing imprint, Migraine, in 2000, the layout was revisited for a limited reprint in 2004 of 1000 copies each as promotional material for my type foundry, Wordshape. Written by Patrick Mullins, My Alphabet Volumes 4 & 20 chronicle the beginnings of lexicography (reference books) and timekeeping.

To quote the original Migraine catalog text about the My Alphabet series, “This series of publications is specifically designed to assist the historically challenged young people of early twenty-first century western nations to reach a broader understanding of certain things they may encounter in everyday life. A wide variety of commonplace concepts and topics, including but not limited to: the dictionary; timekeeping; the library; and the making of maps are vigorously researched, given deep consideration and then glossed over in a mock-academic tone (adopted by the author especially for this publication) which has caused at least one reader to remark, “It gave me a headache”.

The magazine is sadly out of print, but can can be downloaded in pdf format from Wordshape here.