Lost is a special-edition book that celebrates 10 years of documenting graffiti and visual culture in Los Angeles. It features previously unpublished material as well as highlights from the long out-of-print first 12 issues of this highly acclaimed publication.

Among those featured in this book are pioneers such as Tempt, Yem, Besk, and the MAK crew; artists influential in shaping current L.A. graffiti culture including Ayer, Atlas, Cab, and Hael; and visuals by street art innovator The Phantom, photographer Luna One, and artist Patrick Martinez. 

Two on-going Lost sections are presented in this volume as well; the Lost Blackbook Project which collects material from writers’ sketchbooks that gives a unique look into the graffiti process; and Contrast Resolution, a visual exploration of the impact of graffiti on the streets of L.A. 

Eyeone provides the introduction as well as an overview of issues past, and Ian Lynam rounds out this volume with a foreword that puts Lost in the context of graffiti, typography and design.


  • Introduction by Eyeone
  • Foreword by Ian Lynam
  • Tribute to Ayer (R.I.P.) | LTS/KOG
  • Photo essay featuring the MAK crew
  • Spotlight on Dest | LORDS crew
  • Feature on Envy | OTR
  • Collection of work by Tempt | STN
  • Besk and 7Dee of the UCA crew
  • Work by Keyn | 7TH LETTER
  • Spotlight on Der | BEOK Crew
  • Feature on Hael | OTR/7TH LETTER
  • Photography by Luna One
  • Work by Pale | STP/UTI
  • Interview with Cab | LOD/K2S
  • Illustrations by Patrick Martinez
  • Feature on Atlas | CBS
  • Work by The Phantom
  • Retrospective on Yem/Krenz | AM7
  • Lost Blackbook Project
  • Contrast Resolution