Google Tokyo Office Interiors

A collaboration with Klein Dytham architecture. Ian Lynam Design created the interior graphic design scheme for Google’s new floor of offices in Roppongi. Hundreds of meters of custom wallpapers with bespoke graphics were designed that crossed six complementary graphic themes:

• a stylized koi pond for the office entrance with dual projections
• an abstracted, hyper-pop alternate Tokyo for meeting rooms
• garden brickwork with emphasized decorative elements revealing the hidden gardens of Tokyo for hallways and common areas
• sedate gardens for the relaxation and wellness area
• a modular Tokyo for the technical services area
• windows into the Tokyo of the future created in a psychedelic take on 60s and 70s science fiction book covers

We also designed a trilingual room signage system using an alternate, but complementary graphic language.

Photos by Koichi Torimura & Toshiki Senoue