Fan Letter

Fan Letter: 26 Artists and Designers Present Their Favorite Letter or Typographic Character

My contribution is here– an ode to the letter “B”.

Twenty-six local, national, and internationally-based designers and artists give a two-minute ode to an alphabet letter or typographic character. These may range from multimedia presentations, performances, videos, stories, poems, animations, songs, stand-up comedy, rants, short plays, demonstrations, Gregorian chants, etc—however they choose to depict their letter.

Fan Letter is organized and emceed by Bruce Willen and Nolen Strals of Post Typography, authors of a new book from Princeton Architectural Press, Lettering & Type: Creating Letters and Designing Typefaces. This event is the launch party for the book, and also takes place in conjunction with Lubalin Now, the inaugural exhibition in the newly relocated Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography. The participants in Fan Letter include many designers whose work is featured in the exhibition as well as in Lettering & Type.

Artists, designers, illustrators, and musicians participating in Fan Letter:
Colleen Asper—New York (C); Ken Barber & Ben Kiel—Delaware, House Industries (H); Nicholas Blechman—New York, Nozone, New York Times (X); Kim Bost and Ted McGrath—New York (T); Ryan Brown—New York (,); Deanne Cheuk—New York (L); Doug Clouse & Angela Voulangas—New York (.); Andrew Byrom—Los Angeles (N); Jennifer Daniel—New York, New York Times (D); John Downer—Iowa City (J); Rowen Frazer—New York (O); Isaac Gertman—New York (R); Holly Gressley—New York (Y); Jessica Hische—New York (W); Justin Thomas Kay—New York (&); Jonathan Keller—New York (Q); Ian Lynam—Japan (B); Lisa Malone—New York (M); Kelley McIntyre—Baltimore (G); Abbott Miller—Baltimore, Pentagram (A); Ted Mineo—New York (E); Daniel Gardiner Morris—New York, The Arm (V); Adam Okrasinski—New York (K); Christopher Papasidero—New York, fwis (F); Tore Terrasi—Boston (I); Khoi Vinh—New York, New York Times (H);