Fall Into Darkness

My friend David D’Andrea and I were talking of how we love Barney Bubbles / Colin Fulcher’s work last time I was in Portland. With Nik Turner’s Hawkwind headlining the approaching Fall into Darkness Festival in Portland, Davey offered up the idea of a collaboration. Davey and I published a few collaborative zines back in the day and have kept close contact over the past few years. Davey has since become a legendary illustrator and poster designer whose work is highly sought after and collected. See his work at dvdandrea.com.

Bands that performed at Fall into Darkness 2013:
Day 1: Hedersleben, Billions & Billions, White Manna, Nik Turner’s Hawkwind
Day 2: Lazer/Wulf, Lord Dying, Holy Grail, Orange Goblin
Day 3: Eight Bells, Botanist, Behold…the Arctopus, Agalloch
Day 4: Mike Scheidt, Uzala, Hammers of Misfortune, The Skull