Klein Dytham architecture

New responsive website for Tokyo-based architecture and interior design practice Klein Dytham architects.

Kozue Niseko

Responsive website design and development for Kozue, a new luxury condominium project in Niseko, Hokkaido being managed by Nisade. The Kozue website features webfont implementation, some fancy javascript, adaptive CSS, and solid, sedate design. View the website here.

John Mullin Photography

Responsive website redesign for John Mullin, professional photographer and art educator. We’ve worked with John for years and were excited to relaunch his site with webfonts, some snazzy javascript, and a few CSS tricks. John is one of the United States’ great contemporary photographers, as well as the protegé and former assistant of Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Hunger Mountain

We designed a responsive website for Hunger Mountain, VCFA’s literary journal. UI designed in collaboration with Silas Munro.


We designed the identity, metallic spot color-riddled print collateral and responsive website for Sailors, a new Singapore-based creative communications agency. The website was developed by our good friends over at Nagi, who also introduced us to Sailors and managed the whole project.

City & Jules


Identity and responsive website for City & Jules, a New Zealand-based strategy and event management firm helmed by our old friends Julia Barnes and Clint Taniguchi.

James Dunstan

Website for Tokyo wine specialist and entrepeneur James Dunstan – fully responsive with integrated social media.


Responsive website for Cinemacraft, creator of Videogram. The website includes custom embedded Videograms, parallax fanciness, and webfont integration.


Design and development of the Videogram visual identity, website, and embedded web application. We also helped develop the user interface of the iOS and Android versions of the Videogram application.

Videogram allows users to upload web video content including files from YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting services, as well as their own video content directly from a pc or mobile device. Videogram then outputs the video content into interactive sequential imagery so that users can analyze the content of videos, tag individual sequences/scenes.

Videogram allows users to get a quick overview of a video’s contents at a glance without watching the video from beginning to end. The visual summaries are suitable as interactive thumbnails on video publishers sites and they can also be used to help consumers browse through videos (like they do for images). Videogram allows the consumer to start the video from a point of visual interest (smaller clips) on mobile devices, thus eliminating the ‘pain points’ of streaming/buffering a large video on oversubscribed/congested mobile networks.

To generate a Videogram, a video is auto segmented based on the color features of each frame. The segments are also clustered according to their similarities. We have introduced an importance score to rank the segments. A segment is considered to be important if it is long and rare. Keyframes are extracted from highly ranked segments and sized according to their scores so that more important keyframes are presented as bigger frames. Videogram’s patented frame-packing algorithm puts the different sized keyframes in a compact “comic book” format.

Videogram is a product of CinemaCraft, a 500 Startups-backed firm based in Tokyo and San Francisco.

BeBespoke 2.0

Updated new website for Japanese experience atelier BeBespoke.

Upswell 3.0

Brand spanking new website for Upswell, one of our absolute favorite clients period. The site is a database-driven overview of the work and folks that make up this amazing up-and-coming Portland design management firm.

We were involved in every stage of the site’s development and design, pitching in on editing text, clarifying design direction, tweaking imagery and hand-coding it all from scratch. The site utilizes webfonts, some snazzy custom CSS action, some rather detailed Javascript interactivity, Google Map theme customization, embedded video, image galleries and a whole lot more.

This is the third iteration of their website that we have done over the past few years and it just keeps getting better and better!

See it here.

Ologe Acoustic

Bilingual website & localized identity for the Japanese division of Ologe Acoustic, manufacturer of high end speakers, cabinets and amplifiers for the discerning audiophile.

Nodai Gardens

There are more than five hundred public Japanese gardens outside Japan, in more than one hundred countries and regions in 5 continents. We collaborated with Tokyo NODAI‘s (National University of Agriculture) Center for International Japanese Garden Studies to create this website in order to encourage people around the world to learn about and experience the beauty and culture of Japanese gardens.

The CIJGS website aggregates hundreds of Japanese gardens from around the world, each listing being accompanied by bilingual text, imagery and location data. The site is constantly being added to. See it here.

Parallel Strokes

Web design for a book I wrote and self-published in 2008, then forgot to put in the portfolio. Four years later, it still looks really good for a micro-site for a book on obscure topics.

Néojaponisme Relaunch

We’ve relaunched our web journal Néojaponisme with @font-face integration, a bespoke mobile theme and enhanced readability for easy reading.

Wheelie Ltd.

New website for the Japanese shoe retailer and distributor Wheelie Ltd.

Waseda Intl. School

New website for the recently-founded Waseda International School.


Collaborative redesign of Tokyo club SuperDeluxe’s website with CPOS, running on their bespoke CMS.

Yuri Kageyama

CSS-driven WordPress website design for author and poet Yuri Kageyama.


Website for CAE, Japan’s largest supplier of 3D software systems.

Inspire Japan

Micro-site for Inspire Japan, a global Pecha Kucha fundraising event to assist with rebuilding efforts in Sendai. Built on a Django framework put together by Brett Stilwell, the site utilizes @font-face and our font Clobber Grotesk DemiBold to get the inspirational message out cleanly and with maximum impact.


New website for Tsudaro, a new cultural center, restaurant, and highlight for vacationers and locals alike in Kyoto.

Knee High Media Japan

Full website redesign for Knee High Media Japan, publishers of Plants+, Paper Sky, and Mammoth Magazines, as well as founders of Tokion Magazine.


Visual design for Foodpusher, a social networking-based culinary website.


New website for Upswell, a digital communications agency based in Portland, Oregon. Erica and Armando are awesome to work with, visionary in allowing us to execute their website and identity as we saw fit while throwing down with some seriously helpful and thoughtful insight, and wonderful folks to chat with over wine and small plates.


INTAPAC is a subscription-based news and analysis website focused on consumer products and trends in Asia that we developed for innovation research group Five By Fifty. INTAPAC provides analysis on fast moving consumer good (FMCG) launches and insight into marketing, packaging innovation, retail trends and consumer behavior in the the world’s fastest growing region.

INTAPAC delivers daily, customized, curated reports on leading edge products and innovations through six channels focused on: Beverages, Packaging & Design, Wellness, Food & Snacks, Home Products, and Marketing & Promotion.

For the INTAPAC project, we designed and developed an intensive database, front end, promotional video, and much more.

BCCJ Acumen

New website for the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s magazine, Acumen.

Immigrant Film LLC

Website refresh for Immigrant Film, LLC.


Identity and website for Tokyo art production company Nonaca.


Website for Synapse, a comprehensive online system designed for inter-institutional communication.


Identity and website design for Chie Yoshimura’s Suzu No Ki Cafe in Yokohama.

Unilever Japan Intranet

In the last quarter of 2009, we designed and implemented a massive, very code-intensive intranet for the Unilever corporation’s Japan division used to catalog and track market progress. Needless to say, we can’t show anything but the login screen, but it was a milestone for the studio in showing programming flexibility married with good design.

Asics X Olympics

The last days of 2009 found me collaborating with the whiz kids at AQ on this content-riddled, photo-driven website for Asics footwear and the Dutch Winter Olympic team. This Dutch language website promotes Asics’ design of the Olympic uniform for the Vancouver Olympics through a lively mix of product imagery, custom animation, facts from history, and bold Native American-inspired graphic design.

Black Wagon

Web design for Black Wagon, the United States’ leading independent retailer of children’s clothing.

Social Innovation Partners

Social Innovation Partners is a social-profit enterprise based in Portland, Oregon. We worked with SIP’s founder Elizabeth Hoffecker Moreno to expand their business identity, creating a unique and professional web presence that is client editable. Using a WordPress framework styled using CSS, we created a search engine optimized website that is easy and intuitive to update.

Bespoke Tokyo

Website for Bespoke Tokyo, Tokyo’s only urban safari guide service. Bespoke Tokyo is the best way for visitors and businesses to connect with the pulse of modern Japan. BT representatives accompany clients on tailor-made safaris within Tokyo and across Japan to create experiences that are unique and valuable. Bespoke Tokyo also consult on corporate events and arrange international media visits. Customers gain access to intimate knowledge of rapidly changing Japan, from the latest consumer trends and hot new restaurants to little known getaways and valuable personal contacts.

Charcole Group

Secure payment portal for the Charcole Group family of businesses.

Mozilla Firefox demo

Collaborative web page with Craig Mod for Mozilla that exploits new @font-face, a CSS rule implemented in Firefox’s latest 3.5 release which allows web designers to reference fonts not installed on end user machines.

Jointly written and designed, this demo page shows what is now possible using @font face. (In other words: it allows web designers to store fonts on their server and reference them in CSS, regardless of what fonts the user browsing the page has installed.)

Look at it in Firefox- it is designed for that. It looks OK enough in Safari, but we’d rather have you see it in all its glory. Click around a bit and see what the future of typography for the web looks like….

We lucked out in getting Underware to agree to be our foundry partners in making this demo happen.

Original referring page on Mozilla’s site is here.


WordPress and CSS website for Tokyo/Berlin editor Uleshka.

John Mullin Photography

Website for San Francisco photographer John Mullin.

Rap-Up Magazine

Website for Rap-Up magazine. Includes customizable background themes, full Facebook/MySpace/Twitter integration, video blogs, blogs, photogalleries, branded video player channel, streaming audio channel, and loads more. See the website here.

WIFM Magazine

Website launched for Tokyo-based WIFM Magazine, a bilingual publication that targets the most discerning of Tokyo’s populace. WIFM is published quarterly.


Website for Nagoya electronic musicians and sound design studio Lullatone. See the website here.

Five by Fifty

CMS-controlled website for Five by Fifty, Asia’s fastest growing trend analysis and market research agency focused on Asian Consumer Intelligence. This WordPress-based CSS-driven website is fully updatable by the client and includes a custom PHP mailer along with copious client intranets used to deliver regular reports on what is happening in Asia, trend-wise. The updated site features LinkedIn feeds, Twitter feeds, and an updated appearance with large graphics.

Nicole Fall

Website for Tokyo-based business owner and writer Nicole Fall.


Php-based website for Wordshape, my type foundry/publishing imprint. The website is comprised of typefaces and publications for sale, as well as publication samples. Fonts are available for electronic purchase and immediate download using an integrated Paypal/credit card shopping cart system.

Tokyo Realtime

Html and css-based website for publishers White Rabbit Press’ new Tokyo neighborhood-specific audio tour series. I also designed a News blog for White Rabbit’s main website. Coding by ninjas Nate Beaty and Paul Sather.


I was commissioned to create website imagery for header and background treatments for MTV’s global website. You can see a variety of assorted treatments here.

David Schafer

Website for fine artist and art educator David Schafer.

Dry-Shod Footwear

XML-controlled Flash website for high end shoe brand Dry-Shod, a division of Global Brand Marketing, Inc.

Discovery Channel

Identity and website for Discovery Channel Singapore’s show “The Complete”. Collaboration with James Bowskill for ACO, Inc.

Anna Fidler

Website for Los Angeles fine artist Anna Fidler.


Art direction for Neojaponisme, an online journal on Japanese culture, art, literature, and design. Since founding the site with W. David Marx in 2007, we have been a leading provider of news about Japan to the world. Aside from general art direction, I write weekly articles for the journal, as well as providing most editorial illustration. I’ve curated a number of series of content, including photography, illustration, and assorted MP3 podcasts. The aesthetics of the website are rooted in Bauhaus-era avant garde literary journals.

The website lives off the web in the form of a traveling exhibition called Meeting Modernity.