We designed the identity, metallic spot color-riddled print collateral and responsive website for Sailors, a new Singapore-based creative communications agency. The website was developed by our good friends over at Nagi, who also introduced us to Sailors and managed the whole project.

Bitna Chung Photography


New identity for Portland photographer Bitna Chung.

Michael Holmes Photography


Identity for Michael Holmes Photography.

World Manga Academy


Identity and print collateral for World Manga Academy, a new manga and anime tutorial web portal aimed at providing the world with drawing skills and enhancing global manga and anime vernaculars. The identity is comprised of assorted modular elements which can be remixed to create application-specific logotypes.

wma021 wma020 wma019 wma018 wma017 wma016 wma014



Logo design for Tokyo hardcore band R.O.I.D.S.

City & Jules


Identity and responsive website for City & Jules, a New Zealand-based strategy and event management firm helmed by our old friends Julia Barnes and Clint Taniguchi.

Funeral Sutra

funeral sutra

Logo for Tokyo black metal band Funeral Sutra

Lapis and Gingko


Logo for Portland, Oregon homeopathy studio Lapis & Gingko.


Identity for Tokyo NODAI‘s (National University of Agriculture) Center for International Japanese Garden Studies.

YouTube Space Tokyo

Interior graphic design scheme for YouTube Space, a full event space and multimedia studio in the Mori Tower in central Tokyo. The project was a collaboration with Klein Dytham architecture.

Photos by Koichi Torimura


Design and development of the Videogram visual identity, website, and embedded web application. We also helped develop the user interface of the iOS and Android versions of the Videogram application.

Videogram allows users to upload web video content including files from YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting services, as well as their own video content directly from a pc or mobile device. Videogram then outputs the video content into interactive sequential imagery so that users can analyze the content of videos, tag individual sequences/scenes.

Videogram allows users to get a quick overview of a video’s contents at a glance without watching the video from beginning to end. The visual summaries are suitable as interactive thumbnails on video publishers sites and they can also be used to help consumers browse through videos (like they do for images). Videogram allows the consumer to start the video from a point of visual interest (smaller clips) on mobile devices, thus eliminating the ‘pain points’ of streaming/buffering a large video on oversubscribed/congested mobile networks.

To generate a Videogram, a video is auto segmented based on the color features of each frame. The segments are also clustered according to their similarities. We have introduced an importance score to rank the segments. A segment is considered to be important if it is long and rare. Keyframes are extracted from highly ranked segments and sized according to their scores so that more important keyframes are presented as bigger frames. Videogram’s patented frame-packing algorithm puts the different sized keyframes in a compact “comic book” format.

Videogram is a product of CinemaCraft, a 500 Startups-backed firm based in Tokyo and San Francisco.


Corporate identity for software developer Cinemacraft and visual identities for their suite of products, including Videogram.

Washington County Museum

Identity update for the Washington County Museum. We drew a custom wordmark for the museum with an increased x-height for higher readability and legibility on-screen and in print. Each character was drawn from scratch, improving on the old logo – a default setting of Robert Slimbach’s Arno Caption. Each capital letter has differentiated shapes, while lowercase characters have been made more readable and friendly. Overall, the logo is slightly heavier, allowing for increased presence across all media.

Le Comptoir Occitan

Identity and environmental design for Le Comptoir Occitan, a new Basque restaurant in the Daikanyama district of Tokyo. The project included signage, business cards, posters, flyers, lettering for glassware and stationery.

Photos by Michael Holmes Photography.

NASA Hubble Telescope

Identity and advertising campaign for NASA and The Washington County Museum‘s 2012/2013 exhibition Hubble Space Telescope: New Views of the Universe. Included in the campaign were vinyl banners, street pole banners, billboards, rack cards, posters, key art for the web, newspaper ads and web banners.

The designs utilized some fancy custom typesetting of our typeface family Smythe Sans hand-in-hand with new photography from the space telescope to create a comprehensive look and feel for the exhibition.

Rain Clothing Co.

Identity for Rain Clothing Co., a Canadian apparel brand.

Orsay Fine Arts

Trilingual (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese) corporate identity, stationery and website for France and Taiwan-based art dealership Orsay Fine Arts.


Identity for BeBespoke, an Experience Atelier that creates exquisitely produced, seamlessly executed boutique corporate events and unique private journeys in Japan and elsewhere in Asia. We created a holistic identity for BeBespoke that includes an HTML 5 parallax website, branding, and stationery. BeBespoke’s business cards were created using a mix of offset printing, silver foil and blind debossing.

PechaKucha Night

Logo and mark for PechaKucha Night.

Studio cards

New business cards for our practice. Silver foil embossing on one side and blind deboss and metallic purple foil stamping on the other. The three cards line up to create a miniature graphic montage.

Printed by the kind folks at Yushin+.

Lava Dome Media

Logo and mark for bicycle-centric Portland, Oregon publisher Lava Dome Media.

PechaKucha Global Cities

Identity, poster and microsite for the PechaKucha event Global Cities– a week-long celebration of cities who host PechaKucha Night events.

Trevor Fife

New identity for Portland-based filmmaker Trevor Fife, director of the opening sequence for the TV show True Blood.

Maybe One More

Early 1980s American family television show-inspired identity for Georgia/American architecture/education practice Maybe One More.

Tokyo Fashion Week 2012

I recently finished up the identity design for Tokyo Fashion Week 2013, alongside global initiatives like Tokyo Fashion Week in Italy and Tokyo Fashion Week in India. The logo is comprised of letterforms from a custom typeface that combines the geometric rationality of Futura with a more humanist sensibility.

Klein Dytham architecture

New branding for longtime collaborators Klein Dytham architecture, along with their new website.

Charcole Group

Identity for the Charcole Group, Tokyo business conglomerate that operates Five By Fifty, Bespoke Tokyo, and INTAPAC. Identity includes logo, monogram, and corporate micro-site.


Identity for Fukuoka-based house music label.


INTAPAC is a subscription-based news and analysis website focused on consumer products and trends in Asia that we developed for innovation research group Five By Fifty. INTAPAC provides analysis on fast moving consumer good (FMCG) launches and insight into marketing, packaging innovation, retail trends and consumer behavior in the the world’s fastest growing region.

INTAPAC delivers daily, customized, curated reports on leading edge products and innovations through six channels focused on: Beverages, Packaging & Design, Wellness, Food & Snacks, Home Products, and Marketing & Promotion.

For the INTAPAC project, we designed and developed the whole project- from an intensive database, front end, and promotional video to the brand identity and all printed ephemera.

Saga Swimwear

Identity for San Francisco-based swimwear company, Saga.

Little Bird

Identity design for Little Bird, the sister restaurant of Le Pigeon, Portland’s finest restaurant. Bespoke signage, menus, business cards, coasters, and other printed materials backed up with an elegant CSS-powered website.

Carfree Fridays

Identity for Carfree Fridays, a non-profit initiative that encourages Portland residents to use transportation methods other than cars once a week.


Holistic identity design for Nonaca LLC, a Tokyo-based art production company including logo, type standards, color standards, print materials and website.

Social Innovation Partners

Social Innovation Partners is a social-profit enterprise based in Portland, Oregon. We worked with SIP’s founder Elizabeth Hoffecker Moreno to create their business identity, including traditional print materials and a unique and professional web presence that is client editable.



Identity for Synapse, a comprehensive, proprietary inter-office electronic communication system developed by Yokohama’s EDVEC Corporation that incorporates bulletins, email, a kairanban system, and file transfer client.


A logo super-family for Jean Snow’s M31 production company in Tokyo.


Logo for Grasshut Corp. in Portland, Oregon.


Identity for Portland, Oregon multimedia production company Upswell. A comprehensive library of assorted visual components was created for their identity including distorted halftone imagery, isometric illustrations, and logotype variations. A muted color palette and thorough typographic standards were created as part of the identity package. The package includes business cards, envelopes, letterhead, notepaper, buckslips, and reel packaging.


BudSock is a nifty new anti-tangle device for mobile devices’ cord systems. I worked with company founder Jeffrey Wescott to develop the product’s identity and packaging, as well as beef up their web presence as of late. It’s a nifty sleeve system backed up by a 110% money-back guarantee.


Identity for Topsy, an advanced search engine for Twitter.

Evrim Icoz

Identity for Portland-based Turkish photographer Evrim Icoz.


Identity refresh for Hermitage, a wallpaper and home design shop in Portland, Oregon.


Identity suite and print materials for the Special Education Parent Teacher Association of Portland. The SEPTAP letterforms are created from basic geometric shapes, implying the building blocks of Western education. These elements are integrated utilizing overprinting to imply a harmonious and integrated approach to community-based educational reform. The identity uses pure cyan & magenta from 4 color printing process for easy translation in full-color printing). All print materials for SEPTAP utilize sparse typography, poised geometric design elements, and a palette restricted to cyan and magenta.


Two color business cards for online cultural journal Néojaponisme. Instead of printing four separate cards for each editor, we chose to create a “choose your own adventure” approach”. The cards were printed by a rather questionable printer in Bali and the two color plates floated rather significantly, creating a number of pleasing accidents.

Assorted logos

A sampler of assorted logos designed for companies big and small– from sportswear giants to tragically unknown indie rock groups to award-winning directors and film companies over the past decade.

Dwayne Dixon

Business cards for Tokyo-based American researcher and documentary-maker Dwayne Dixon. Printed offset using metallic inks on toothy, uncoated stock.

David Schafer

Identity package for fine artist and educator David Schafer.


Identity design for Yes, a clothing boutique in Portland, Oregon. Identity package includes signage, business cards, letterhead, hangtags, envelope, notepaper, and notecards.

Wild Art Media

Identity design for graffiti supply company Wild Art Media. Originally designed in 2004, the identity was comprised of logo design, type standards, and business cards, letterhead and envelope printed in silver on uncoated stock. The identity was revisited in 2005, the type touched up, and the same materials printed in a shimmering copper and a sparkling metallic spearmint green on uncoated matte stock.


Identity design for Tokyo-based German writer, curator, and producer Uleshka Asher Bordini Chikushi. Collaborative design with her highness.

Sarah Shaoul

Identity for Portland, Oregon small business consultant Sarah Shaoul. Identity package includes logo, pattern design, business card, letterhead, and envelope.

Selena Hoy

Business cards for Tokyo-based writer/editor/photographer Selena Hoy.


Logo and identity for Tokyo and New York-based American Traditional fashion brand Sabatino.


Comprehensive identity for RFM, a New York-based director representation company. The print identity package consists of letterhead, envelopes, window envelopes, notepads, notecards, mailing labels, DVD reel packaging, and buckslips, all printed on laid paper using letterpress. I worked with programmer extraordinaire Paul Sather to create a php and WordPress-driven website that highlights the 20 directors that RFM represents for commercials, music videos, viral films, and photography.


I’ve crafted the art direction of Rap-Up Magazine since it’s inception, having created the masthead, typographic standards, seasonal color palettes, and versioning through editorial design. I’ve also designed the magazine’s identity, implementing a  thorough identity package that includes business cards, letterhead, envelopes, notepads, notecards, and other assorted stationery.

PDX Film Fest

Ongoing identity design for the annual Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Fest. Since 2004, I have designed the visual identity for the U.S.’s premiere documentary film festival, renewing the logo annually and deploying a full identity package that includes logos, type standards, color standards, posters, postcards, flyers, promotional slides for movie theaters, apparel graphics, tickets, passes, programs, booklets, and intro animations. You can view a medley of the intro animation bumpers by year here.

Open Hands

Identity design for Open Hands Acupuncture in Portland, Oregon. Their identity package includes letterhead, envelopes, signage, business cards, and a website. Frankly, I’ve never been stuck with needles by nicer folks.

NLA Architects

Comprehensive identity for the Los Angeles architecture firm, NLA. The identity package includes letterhead, fax cover sheet, transmittal sheet, envelope, window envelope, notepaper, notecard, business card, and mailing label design. I also crafted up a nifty little xml-controlled Flash website along with Nate Beaty to give the firm presence online.

Nike SB Pictures

Identity for Nike SB Pictures. Collaboration with Max Erdenberger for Brand New School.

Motorola iRadio

An overarching RFP identity package for Motorola’s digital radio service, iRadio. Includes representation design for assorted music genres, logos, and a graphic kit of parts for broadcast use. See the identity in motion here. Designed for Ignited Minds, LLC.


Identity for MetaのTame, the Néojaponisme staff blog. The logo family consists of 100 variations on the hiragana “の” character, exploring it’s formal properties in the post-war period through today. Characters that formally connote modernity and retro aesthetics are utilized.

John Millhauser

Identity design for John Millhauser Art Direction, a Los Angeles-based studio that provides photographic direction for publications, stage, and screen.


Comprehensive identity package for Grow: The Positioning Consultancy, an Oregon-based consultancy firm.  The identity package includes logo, type standards, a custom version of FF Meta with some more ornate characters, offset letterhead, envelopes, notepads, mailing labels, and business cards. I also developed a Flash website that details the ways in which Grow can help your business correctly position itself in your market. A small hardcover capabilities book entitled Never Compete rounds out the package.

Fever Films

Identity design for Canadian film production company Fever Films. Identity positioning package includes logo, type standards, pattern design, letterhead, envelopes, window envelopes, business cards, notepads, notecards, DVD reel packaging, buckslips, postcards, signage, and reel opener animation.

Colleen’s Bistro

Identity for now-defunct French restaurant in Portland, Oregon. The identity positioning package included logo, colors, interior design standards, type standards, menus, print advertising, and an xml-controlled Flash website (archived here.)

Boeing Connexions

Just a few of the 150 patterns created for Boeing’s in-flight internet service, Connexions. The brief asked for patterns that were international, exotic, harked back to the golden age of air travel, yet were ethnically non-specific.


Identity for Portland electronic musician YACHT. Logo, type standards, and assorted print projects. The logo was revisited in 2008 for the triangular update. The YACHT logo has been applied to a number of band projects, including apparel, publications, “official documents”, records, CDs, and even Xmas ornaments!

Amanda Greene

Identity for Los Angeles photography studio, Amanda Greene Photography.

Japan PDX Imports

Identity positioning package for Japan PDX Imports, an importer of right hand drive vehicles to the United States from Japan. Identity includes all interior and exterior retail signage, stationery, apparel, and web design.

Joshu + Vela

Identity, pattern, and print design for San Francisco-based bag and accessory company Joshu + Vela. I branded this boutique company from its inception, creating the identity system, typographic standards, and all advertising. Joshu + Vela make beautiful bags crafted from leather and canvas using all-natural indigo and mango dyeing, custom metal parts, and premium zippers. I designed a series of patterns which are printed on all bag interiors of their extensive bag line using a mix of screenprinting and dye resist treatments.  Other Joshu + Vela projects include designing assorted linesheets, lookbooks, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, notepaper, and assorted promotional materials.

Field Office

I worked with Trevor Fife, the principal of Field Office to create a unique, off-kilter identity positioning program that truly suits the nature of his film production company. A mix of olive and magenta type was used for the primary wordmark, along with a very symbolically ambiguous, yet formally essential secondary logo to brand the company. These elements, along with no-nonsense sans serif typographic choices set on slightly jumping baselines with detailed type ornaments laid Field Office’s identity foundation. The identity package consists of letterhead, envelopes, business card, fold-out DVD reel packaging, and buck slips.

Bodhi Vela Cole

Identity for San Francisco, California-based fashion designer and stylist Bodhi Vela Cole. Custom lettering and brand identity including print design. Business cards utilize deep blind embossing on a toothy, uncoated cardstock, printed using custom mixed inks with sparkle additive.


Identity for Atelier Christely, a boutique jewelry design studio in Paris’ 1st Arrondissement. The identity is comprised of logo, typographic standards, letterhead, business card, envelope, and note paper.

Accept & Proceed

Logo variant for boutique U.K. advertising agency Accept & Proceed. I was invited along with a host of other talented individuals to create a logo family for A&P. This isometric logo treatment is comprised of the katakana characters エ (ay) and ピ (pi), the phonetic equivalents of A&P.

333 Recordings

Identity and print design for 333 Recordings, an independent electronic music label based out of Oakland, California. I worked with 333’s owner, Matt Thompson since the label’s inception, crafting an identity that is unique and affordable to produce. Record sleeves, CD labels, business cards, note cards, and buck slips were all printed on one press sheet using silver ink on assorted brightly colored stocks. Each 7″ record release’s label is a unique typographic composition using the house typefaces.

Le Pigeon

Identity and branding for Le Pigeon, a French restaurant in Portland, Oregon. I worked with Le Pigeon’s owners and branded the business from its inception, creating a holistic identity system including typographic standards, print advertising, online advertising, website, press release kits, menus, wine lists, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and apparel. Le Pigeon has won accolades in Gourmet, The New York Times, Bon Appetit, The Washington Post, People, along with a James Beard Award along the way.