Happy holidays from a late night of transcoding, then encoding video and putting together type specimens from long lost typefaces of yore.

Two new projects up in Print + Product: the first season of Open Skateboards and the new Blunt Mechanic CD on Barsuk Records. Very amped on both.

I was just in Chicago doing research for a new article for Idea Magazine and had a bang-up time, diving deep in type history research on my absolute favorite, Oswald Cooper and hanging out with Nate and his sweet kittens, as well as bar Scrabble sojourn action with Aaron.

Thank you, Nate, for the couch space, for being so fricking awesome, and for putting up with my half-assed jet-lagged sleep schedule (though all should note that I got up daily at 8AM latest [!] to drag my ass down to the library. Talk about a Protestant work ethic on a guy, even a reformed Catholic… the lengths some will go to for the love of lettering….).

An extra-large shoutout to Paul Gehl and the tireless staff at the Newberry Library for being such awesome folks. Thank you for your interest, patience, and care. You honor the independent researcher. I salute you!