I’ll be participating in a really interesting event in Osaka this weekend- an overview of the work of Schtücco, the Tokyo-based graphic design and typography office run by Akiyama Shin. On December 11th at 8pm, I’ll be interviewing Shin onstage about multilingual typography and the development of his design office, as well as its calculated death, as Shin is retiring from the graphic design profession (at least for now).

A super-accomplished typographer, designer and art director, Shin has steered his office through the creation of innumerable projects for cultural clients in Japan and abroad, taking home the Leipzig book award no less than twice.

The interview and accompanying exhibition of a lifetime of graphic design work takes place at Pantaloon in Osaka.

If you are in town, I’d venture that it will be the graphic design event of the year in terms of getting context on an award-winning, comprehensive graphic designer from the 1980s through today.

Roommate, conspirator and fine art photographer Patrick Tsai will be having an exhibition in Osaka this weekend, as well, so no better time to get some visual culture in than Saturday! (Excellent interview with Patrick by Cameron McKean here.)

I’ve been doing a rash of talk shows/on-stage interviews as of late. This past weekend, I spoke about the work of Tokyo-based oil painter Akira as part of a Scotch Malt Whisky Society event called Ménage à Trois which assessed the triumvirate of whiskey, cocktails and fine art. The event was produced by Nonaca in collaboration with Whisk-e, and was an utter smash!