This year, I’ve been selected by Onitsuka Tiger to be one of their “ryoshi”, or hunters, presenting unique cross-sections of Japanese and Western culture.

The official blurb from Onitsuka Tiger:


In 2011, Onitsuka Tiger will bring Japanese culture to the world in a way that uniquely blends arts and traditions of authentic Japan with the seductive urban design styles of the modern world.

Using talented storytellers from around the globe called Ryoshi, we will share inspiring and surprising stories that bring together Japanese and Western culture. Whether in business or the arts, in a retail space or at a festival in the forest, in music or in film, Onitsuka Tiger will be investigating and exploring the nature and results of Japanese and Western crossovers, and bringing these stories to the public, to let you know what it means to be “Made of Japan”.

Read all about it here on the Onitsuka Tiger website.

I am now being represented by Little Paper Planes in San Francisco for licensed designs to the textile industry. Here they are at the SURTEX trade show in New York repping our wares.