One of my absolute favorite clients is the bag- and accessory-maker Joshu + Vela, a small shop based in San Francisco. Noah Guy, the man behind the magic, and his group of cohorts make amazing crafted leather goods by hand in their San Francisco workshop.

They’ve been having a fair amount of success as of late, their wares having been picked up by the Banana Republic for distribution, as well as having won over a number of new stockists. It’s all the well-earned result of years of hard labor, day jobs and having friends pitch in. It’s a hard-won success, but one that I am proud to have been a part of.

Joshu+Vela’s products are things that I not only “believe in” (“believe in” is the term trotted out by marketing types at the drop of a hat), but use every single damn day. One of their belts holds my pants up day-in and day-out and one of their wallets houses my cash.

The point? Rad stuff. Go check out their new collection.