Two new editions in the Poster Initiative series: an abstract composition using generated and found imagery….

… and a look at religions in Japan. You down with O.P.P.?

I’ve been editing essays and interviews in the past few issues of Idea, including the latest issue Idea Magazine #345 interviewing Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic.

Emily King’s interview Dutch designer with Karel Martens in Idea Magazine # 344.

Essay by Japanese graphic design legend Tadanori Yokoo in Idea Magazine #343.

I did a lecture in Osaka on December 11- a “talk show” with Akiyama Shin about our mutual practices.

A super-accomplished typographer, designer and art director, Shin has steered his office through the creation of innumerable projects for cultural clients in Japan and abroad, taking home the Leipzig book award no less than twice.

The interview and accompanying exhibition of a lifetime of graphic design work took place at Pantaloon in Osaka. Giant thanks to the Pantaloon team!